Simply Gray Matters partners with individuals and organizations who share our core values and mission.  Simply Gray Matters engages in three different kinds of partnership arrangements.

Financial Partners

Our Financial Partners provide support for maintaining and promoting this site and/or creating new content of specific interest to them.  By supporting this site, our Financial Partners can benefit a broad audience of patients, family members, and health care providers dealing with many different medical conditions with a single donation.

Content Partners

Our Content Partners help Gray Matters Guide produce or improve site content. By combining their expertise with our platform, our Content Partners are able to reach an audience that can benefit from the information they can provide, without needing to devote extensive resources to developing and promoting new content sites or other means of information distribution.  Since Simply Gray Matters provides information about an array of conditions, health care providers and patient advocates do not need to learn the names of dozens of different content sites to direct inquiring patients to, and our Content Partners do not need to expend resources in making health care professions or patient advocates specifically aware of the location of their content information.

Coordinating Partners

Our Coordinating Partners coordinate and integrate linkages between their content site and ours, allowing each group to better serve the needs of their targeted audience, while focusing resources on their core missions.  Rather than duplicating efforts, each group can focus on what it does best and simply direct viewers to other useful information which the other has already produced.  Through coordinated and integrated content, users are enabled to seamlessly move between general neuroscience information, disease specific information, explanations of co-occurring or genetically linked conditions, support services, advocacy, support for research, and general strategies for promoting brain health or coping with neurological conditions as their needs or interests change.

If you or your organization would like to consider partnering with Simply Gray Matters please contact Karen L. Lankford at